Cancer in the choice of the bridesmaid dresses,you will find all the classical temperament retro style wedding and they are all so relativeWith.Nostalgia is a hidden part in the Cancer personality is very important,they recognize the value of ancient,ancient beauty.So classic and nostal gic texture of ivory wedding dress is their favorite,classic long veil of lace and embroidery Cancer also make doubly impressive.In the dress of choice,a touch of retro style gold and the best performance of Cancer bride unique temperament,people completely forget about gold and tacky incidental,Pearl jewelry is the most suitable for her jewelry because she is more than any constellation of female style exhibit intrinsic beauty of pearls,pearl also bring her good mood,reminded her that night in the moonlight and groom tokens.Cancer bride gives a gentle warm feeling in harmony,for the choice of accessories like fine transparent,multi-layered dress lines,but can be modified fullness of Cancer bride.Hot Wedding & Bridesmaids
Capricorn bride hard life,and courageous character under the quiet,in fact,is very attractive.Glossy smooth texture of the cloth,and then with personal sexy design,elegant bridal show Capricorn scent of a woman.Favorite tradition,the bride may choose Capricorn retro elegant wedding dress,it is important in this tradition in there must be new.As with jewelry,Capricorn brides may or home mom liked someone elders expensive vintage jewelry,not those shiny fake jewelry is not valuable.So you can borrow the opening to the elders,may get a surprise gift.
Mercy highly elegant and highly intellectual Aquarius bride,retro-style lines,with emphasis on the purity of the slim wedding dresses,she is full of irresistible attraction.The most memorable was viewed by their side,they are delicate facial features have a significant noble temperament,especially the angle of the nose and forehead particularly attractive.Aquarius brides do not need to transform.Themselves to adapt to the average person on the bride impression. With hair,for example,do not deliberately go Aquarius bride perm,or hair into header,flowing hair would be able to express the unique qualities of Aquarius - fresh and refined.Flowers and elegant lace headdress are essential,they will be more bright fantasy Aquarius eyes off of.
Spirit Magic soft Pisces bride,even the dress is full of elegant spiritual beauty, rich and soft comfortable feeling of home dress.Pisces bride's favorite.A strong sense of attachment to the family of the bride in the wedding day of Pisces,the thought would burst into tears and separated from their families,in fact,marriage is a happy event,it would not be too sad.Attention to the feelings of innocent persons,when you fall in love,you can not see the situation to judge good or bad,only know how to give without asking.When married, you love like a prince and princess -like Romantic wedding.So soft dreamy Pisces bride,elegant dress should be filled with spiritual beauty,rich and soft comfortable feeling of home dress,the bride 's favorite Pisces.Article from: